By Matthew Kneller

How many times have you worked with a client and in the middle of a meeting you see them experience the light bulb moment – that moment of clarity when everything falls into place?

As a financial planner, these moments can happen frequently and this is what makes our job so fulfilling.

Our job is to listen to and truly understand our clients and their individual needs and goals. We want to find out what motivates them and what their anxieties are.

Often, this light bulb moment occurs as we present a client with their financial plan setting out a strategy for helping them achieve their stated goals and objectives.

While a plan can be highly detailed, it is often the bigger picture that really inspires the client; the realisation that they can achieve financial independence, that they do indeed have provision for sufficient income in retirement, or that they can afford to send their children or grandchildren to their preferred fee-paying school.

Helping our clients achieve their light bulb moment is what truly inspires us. We love the financial detail, but at the end of the day, it is helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives that really motivates us each and every day.

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